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The FIRST EVER Video Anthology for Destiny’s Child. Includes 16 career spanning iconic videos from one Of the top selling female groups of all time! Featuring the groundbreaking classics Independent Women Part 1, Survivor, Bootylicious, Bills, Bills, Bills & more!
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The jeeps play this new remix.  Listening to Destiny’s Child as an adolescent, this original jam was a staple.  I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up and pursue music as a second career and find inspiration to flip tracks like this <3

DC In London, UK

Well, well, well. It was 2005 (or ‘04) and ‘Lose My Breath’ was sizzling up the radio - that hot. The track hit everyone like a ton of bricks, twas the joint of the year. On radio via Sky Digital (cable to american’s) listening to Choice FM one day, I heard Lose My Breath, and recorded it on my VHS tape as I reached the song only by the beginning of the second verse, didn’t care - I replayed that little part again and again. So different and cool, from what was out. So bass driven, and the video did not fail!! They where back, and bad as hell. Really went for it with their image and their sound like a hip hop supremes or R&B ‘Hole’. And the dancing in the video was amazing, straight out of a Janet Jackson handbook, with humour to boot (who can forget that ‘White Chicks’esque puff of white powder from one’s hand dance move).

I was 12, and my older sisters where in their late teens. We had heard our favourite band who we had followed almost religiously via their music for years, where finally in the UK, London specifically and would be having a signing! We found out where/when/time. My dad picked me up from Primary school, took my sisters and we started making our way down to Central London one cold winter afternoon. It was as if we where going to meet the queen - which we where, but three talented, strong, ebony one’s. We got to oxford street (or circus?) and it was like the whole town came together to party, the street filled with ‘Lose my breath’ and turned into a kind of block party. It was like a dream, everybody was high on destiny’s child and had fun, DC weren’t even in sight but it was a great atmosphere, so good I care enough to write about it now. We all waited by Virgin Megastores where the signing was to take place, to catch a glimpse of Destiny’s children (lol). So we lined up behind V.Megastore’s, and found fans surrounding the whole store! Trying to find shortcuts and easier alternatives to how we could see DC!, but we went back and stayed out front of the store. The moment had come, a stunning car appeared, fans where screaming across the block, we where all on a great vibe from the LOUD music of ‘lose my breath’ that their management probably organised for the signing, and lights appeared (or to me). DC where here! They got out of the car one by one, Beyonce with her shimmering, sandy brown and brown tussels, Kelly with her black girls and michelle with her brunette modest eloquence. They looked fantastic! My sisters where taller than them, or of the same height. So cool to see quite close how normal or lavish our idols where - they where just people… but people who did not quit, stuck it out and now they where on the other side of the velvet rope waving at us all. They went into the store and before the signing begun, they went close to the window, when they where inside, and waved at us as they where in the building. If my memory serves me, they did the same thing earlier when they had an interview at TRL london, a British version of the American TRL, on MTV at the time. It was lovely to see them looking at all their fans. Believe me, everyone there tryed to make themselves heard, couldn’t help it, it was electric.

Fastfoward, Virgin Megastores, unfortunately after that, and waiting in line, we didn’t get to see them as security said there was to many people. People had been there since 7:30 am! But those of us working or in education clearly couldn’t make it that early! Those who did not bunk off the latter. Nevertheless it was enough to keep us satisfied. The other DC fans we met where lovely, and the memory was to satisfying. Not long after that my parent’s got me the single Lose My Breath, and eventually the Album, that I played everyday. Remained a fan, got to see Beyonce a few years ago as she had a surprise show at London’s Shepherds Bush and had a taping at a studio in London to record ‘A night with Beyonce’, she, as well as the girls, have grown as Artists and always put fans first. When waiting in line at the ‘A night with Beyonce’ taping, Bey ordered her fans Pizza’s and water was delivered, 1,500~+ where in that line when the Pizza’s where there - how kind! Should I saved the pizza? Momentum as Beyonce called for the order? Of course not, but it was the best Pizza ever, special, how throughtful she is - she did not have to that but we appreciated it.

Keep setting the benchmark for REAL artistry, and God Bless you all with your future endevours. R&B lives on, pop music and pop culture lives on. It’s sad that in this day and age Soul, Funk get’s pushed out of pop, but these girls fuse this all so effortlessly. We hear gospel, blues and even rock in you - a melting pot of all the greats that came before you. You are the last lingering scent of the girl power era that started with the Riot Grrl movement, then alternative rock girls, and TLC, class of en vogue, Spice Girls & +.

Destiny’s child got it! Get it? Good.

Say My Name

As a huge Aussie fan, I remember when Say My Name first hit the airwaves in Australia and the ARIA Charts, I was 13 years old, still in high school, and loving the R&B they made back then - the song made a modest entry in the 40’s, but slowly, week by week, I saw it climb up the charts,

And then Lo and Behold! NUMBER 1!!!! And Triple Platinum, and that song, sent shockwaves all throughout the world and made their career, shooting them to stardom all over the world.

If they made a best of, greatest hits, or final compilation, it should be called “Say My Name” - That song represents R&B of the early 2000’s, brings back so many awesome memories - and it’s just an unforgettable song, the harmonies are so amazing and it will always be my all-time favourite track.

Love you Destiny’s Child, past & present!

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